Atidim provides consulting services to organizations in the industrial, commercial and service sectors since 1999. The company’s mission is to enhance the client’s profitability by delivering smart solutions for increasing revenue and growth and reducing expenses. We provide guidance, support  and innovative ideas to business owners and managers.

We strive to generate insight into what drives value creation and competitive advantage in our client’s businesses, and work closely with clients to convert insights into strategies and strategies into improved performance. Our areas of expertise include marketing & Sales, financing, internal controls and long term strategy formulation.

  • Marketing & Sales. In many cases, the unrealized potential of a firm is three to seven times greater than current sales. To help close that gap and transform a company’s marketing performance from average to superior, Atidim offers services focused on: Market Research, Marketing Strategy development, Marketing Planning, Distributors allocating, Trade fairs effective participation, Sales & Marketing outsourcing. We offer special expertise in medical device and aesthetics read more
  • Financing. Through research, insight, and connections, we assist our clients in obtaining governmental and other funding as efficiently as possible. We also facilitate negotiations with banks and other financial institutions.
  • Internal Controls. Our expertise can help clients reduce cost and maximize revenue through cash flow forecasting, internal auditing, budget planning and optimal pricing.
  • Strategy Formulation. Successful organizations look to the future via long term strategic plans that provide the foundation for current efforts. We can help prepare such a plan and assure that it is appropriate and kept up to date.

In addition to general consulting, Atidim is also proficient in the following areas:

  • Company valuations – We perform profitability analyses and business valuation models for personal insight, investing or divesting purposes or legal requirements.
  • Business development – In addition to marketing services, we can help with merger and acquisition transactions, joint ventures, and locating strategic partners. We perform Business plans for al purposes, as well as Feasibility Studies, Marketing Plans, Company Overviews and Investor Presentations.
  • Agent / distributor / reseller systems – Special expertise in business Relations and agreements formulation in distribution and agency systems.
  • Economical Expert Opinions – for legal processes, including company valuations, economical predictions,                                                                                             For a preliminary discussion of your business issue please contact us