Business plans

The business plan is the product of the business planning process and should be treated as a process rather than as a one-time work or document.

Business plans are a key tool in setting up and development of businesses of all types and sizes. Ventures and existing businesses, even high-tech business and conventional business, ranging from professionals who start their own practice to huge companies … The basic idea is the same: planning, planning and planning.

The business plan helps to reduce the uncertainty that exists in business activity. We often encounter the grounds that “there are so many changes .. I do not know what will happen tomorrow morning, so why plan? ” Well the right approach is completely opposite: the more uncertainty and instability there is greater importance for planning. A good program can deal with changes and adapt itself to different scenarios, but those who choose not to make any plan, significantly reduce the chances of success.

Programs can be classified according to business plan goals, here are some examples:

  1. Internal Business plan  – very important management tool by business managers to set goals and outline the way to achieve them.
  2. Business plan for starting a business or entering a new activity. See also feasibility studies 
  3. Business plan for banks or funds.
  4. Business plan for recruiting partner / investor.

Usually we tend to divide the business plan process into two main parts: 1. Analysis of the venture and business environment and 2. The program.

Analysis of the business environment refers to all the elements that have an impact on the planned business activity:

  • Target market,
  • Technology and equipment,
  • Environment, personnel,
  • Laws and regulations,
  • Financing environment.

Following examination of the environment can be accessed to design. Business plan outline will usually include:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. The business idea
  3. Market analysis
  4. Business Strategy – Business Model
  5. Marketing Plan
  6. Technology
  7. Manufacturing and Operations
  8. Risk analysis and alternatives
  9. Financial Plan
  10. Sensitivity analyses
  11. Summary

Business plan process is a joint process for entrepreneurs / managers and us as consultants. To get a good program, teamwork of people with different backgrounds and experience is crucial.  For the program to achieve its objectives the entrepreneur / manager must be involved and active in all stages of preparation.

Program preparation process usually takes between one to 3 months, but we also offer a fast track that can be effective as well.


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