Business valuations are required wherever an objective perspective on the business / activity, and assessment of its economic value is needed.
We specialize in the valuation of small to medium sized businesses including ventures and intellectual property.

Our professional ability to accurately assess the value of the business activity is based on several principles:

1. Thorough analysis of the market and business environment.
2. Economic and accounting analysis of the company / activity.
3. Understanding the theory underlying financial valuation today, along with the market reality and conditions that dictate the price of the transaction.

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Generally, one can distinguish between three types of evaluations, according to their objectives:

1. Internal needs assessment – rapid assessment gives a general idea about the value of the business, including financial advice regarding the likelihood of the business transaction.
2. External needs assessment – reviews serve the owner, in the business negotiations with foreign parties (buyer, partner, investor), or as an expert opinion to the court / arbitration / mediation.
3. Assessment for a third party – for an assessment of a business interested in , usually as part of due diligence, including examining other parameters of the deal (market, business environment, risks, relative advantages and disadvantages).

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